Gentle Care Yields Results

50+ children recieved world-class dental care. Throughout the process, an assistant and I kept each and every child informed about any issues regarding their teeth, took consent regarding treatment plans and set up appointments for further check-ups.

Proper Treatment At The Right Time

Every child was assessed and treated for any and all pre-existing dental issues (cavities, oral decay, severe inflammation). Not only that, but each and very child received case-specific advise on how to maintain their teeth for a lifetime.

To Maintain and Prevent

Over 50 dental kits were handed out that included a toothbrush, toothpaste, water flosser, tongue scraper and a guide on how to utilize and maintain the items provided (written in braille).

Maintaining Our Values

Sticking to our philosophy of small scale, big impact, the Dental Care Bridge hopes to change the lives of each and every neglected blind child. By providing dental care and education on how to take care of their teeth, we hope to create a future generation that takes care of their oral health.

Results Defined

  • 50+ children were treated for any oral ailments they may have had
  • Each child was given advice on how to maintain and prevent issues with their teeth
  • Food, fruits and drinks were distributed to each and every child
  • Community members and volunteers were given tips on how to deal with oral care, determining signs of improper oral health, provided contact information for dentists and were taught cost-effective ways to maintain each and every child's teeth