Our Work

We Are Providing India's Blind Youth With A Chance.

The Dental Care Bridge works tirelessly with each individual child of the Andh Mahavidyalaya School. Through careful assessment, immediate intervention & impact education on dental care, our organization is providing real, authentic help.

Providing Consistent, Sustainable Help To Change Each Child's Life

Working with dental professionals, vetted businesses, & professional networks, we provide support systems to help children prosper.

Assessing & Treating Young Adults 

Through our network of medical professionals, we help determine & treat any issues with oral care the children may face.

Training Local Professionals 

We train supervisors, directors, assistants, & community members to identify medical issues & deploy the necessary response in order to provide the correct treatment to any ailment a child may face.

Educating Children

In order to truly make an impact, we preach self-identification. Though difficult, we believe that every blind child should have the resources available to determine if they need medical assistance & get the help they need.

Transforming Communities 

Though our numbers may be small, the Dental Care Bridge will change communities. Greater inclusiveness, further opportunities & a chance to garner awareness will change the trajectory of many Indian communities.

The Care Bridge Model


The Dental Care Bridge seeks to identify any & all medical issues that require treatment. Although most of our medical professionals specialize in dental care, their knowledge & care can be used in a multitude of ways to help each and every child.

Our advisors, directors, & professionals all wish to provide a better quality of life for these children.


Once professionals determine an issue, a solution is determined & deployed. Often financial hardship or lack of funds will prevent any & all treatment.

With the Dental Care Bridge, treatment is guaranteed regardless of cost. Any visually impaired child struggling will be taken care of with the upmost kindness.


Within the Dental Care Bridge, we emphasize self-determination. In order to spur independent thinking, we teach each & every child how to identify common oral diseases, pains, & whether or not they need medical help.

Once the basic medical needs of a child are met, medical professionals & advisors spend time to educate children on indicators of poor oral health in order to create a better, more knowledgeable community.